• What is a software bug?

    A software bug, usually referred to just as a "bug", is an unexpected behavior or result in a piece of software.
  • What is the XY problem?

    Whether they know it by name or not, most people who have worked in the customer service industry are likely familiar with the XY problem. When it comes to troubleshooting an issue for a customer, it is important to be aware of this phenomenon and be able to identify it when it is happening.

  • Why should I turn it off and on again?

    A common complaint that we hear is that computers begin to run slower and slower over time. There are many possible reasons for this, but about half of the issues that we see can be resolved by a simple restart.

  • 3 ways to turn off your computer and what they really do

    When computer users think about the actions that they do the most often with their computers, they rarely include a very important action that most people do every single day. Turning their computer off.

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